January 8, 2008


Dear Randy:


            I read in the newspaper that you will devote today’s Round Table program to Bush’s trip to the region of his wars of conquest. It’s a miracle the escort ships accompanying the Harry S. Truman nuclear aircraft carrier didn’t fire at the Iranian vessels in the Ormuz Straight that guard Iran’s coasts.


            As for me, I cannot but recall that, on a day like this, 49 years ago, I had the privilege of being welcomed by the people of Cuba’s capital. I also do not forget the ceremony at the former headquarters of the Columbia military command. I remember Camilo and the pigeons that, that evening, were like shining beacons for those of us who dreamed that we would enjoy the rights we had conquered in peace. I did not mention this in the Reflection published today. Nor did I mention our democratic elections, to be held on January 20, in which selecting the candidates entails no difficulties. I am a firm supporter of the united vote, which allowed us to avoid the tendency to copy what came to us from countries of the former socialist block, including the portrait of the one candidate, as singular as his solidarity towards Cuba. I deeply respect that first attempt at building socialism, thanks to which we were able to continue along the path we had chosen.


            I could also mention that, today, one of the United State’s most important publishing houses will launch the first English edition of Cien horas con Fidel.


            I never forget that “all of the world’s glory fits in a kernel of corn”.


            That is why I devoted those lines, after days of not publishing anything, to teacher Elena Pedraza, to whom the country is so indebted for one of its most important services:  curative and preventive rehabilitation. She is to be held up as the example of a true communist, and paying tribute to her on January 8 is indeed apt.

            When you and the program came to mind, it was already quite late. I write these lines in a hurry, in the hopes that they will arrive to you in time.


            If possible, I ask that you devote a few seconds of the program to read it.


A hug,


Fidel Castro Ruz

5:37 p.m.