The infamous resolution against Cuba prepared by the State Department was presented in Geneva not only by the servile puppet government of the Czech Republic. The government of Poland, another former socialist country and NATO member, subservient to the United States, was also a cosponsor, thus becoming an accomplice of the that sly maneuver.

Our press did not pay much attention to this satellite, because the Czech officials had the worst record. For ten years, their embassy in Havana had been conspiring and playing the role of go-between in the service of the U.S. Interests Section. The foxy fellows at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland might have considered themselves either so wise or so important as to feel exempted from any criticism. Maybe they even thought they had been forgiven.

The obnoxious resolution fabricated in Geneva was adopted on Tuesday, April 18. Fourteen days later, on May 2, Polish Senator Zbigniew Romaszewski, chairman of the Polish Senate Commission on Human Rights and Legal Proceedings in Poland, accompanied by the Polish citizen Piotr Kielanows, arrived in Havana. The publicly stated purpose of their visit to Cuba was to discuss a scientific and technical cooperation project.

The Polish citizens Zofía Romaszewska, the Senator's wife, and Gabriela Banach Klaanoask, a translator, had also traveled to Cuba before that date, on April 27, as tourists. The four travelers lodged in a private house, located at Calle L No. 256, apartamento 501, entre 17 y 19, Vedado, Havana.

On May 5, 6, and 7, accompanied by some diplomatic officials from the Polish embassy in Havana and by the counterrevolutionary ringleaders Héctor Palacio Ruiz, Oscar Espinosa Chepe, and Pedro Pablo Alvarez Ramos, they traveled to the city of Pinar del Río to attend what was described as "an economists’ meeting". This was part of activities carried out by a counterrevolutionary grouping that operates under the facade of an alleged "Civic and Religious Training Center", founded by Catholic layman Dagoberto Valdés Hernández, a consummate slanderer and bitter enemy of the revolutionary process. Valdés Hernández attempts to carry out his covert actions by taking advantage of the respect, consideration, and facilities given by the Revolution the religious activities of the Catholic church --just as it does with other Christian denominations, the Jewish community, the Cuban religions of African origin or any other religious group in our country.

On May 5, at the so-called "economists’ meeting", Polish Senator Zbigniew Romaszewski gave a lecture entitled "Culture and Globalization", in which he dealt with the demise of socialism in Poland and the methods used by the Polish opposition in its struggle, including covert methods.

The following day, May 6, the Senator and other Polish officials had a three-hour meeting with Bishop José Siro González Bacallao, the head of the Catholic diocese in Pinar del Río. What did they talk about during such a long conversation? No one knows. Later, he and the prelate met with the aforementioned counterrevolutionaries.

On May 7, back in Havana, Zofía Romaszewska and Gabriela Banach Klaanoask visited the house of Oscar Elías Biscet, a counterrevolutionary convict and a confessed agent of the Cuban-American National Foundation. He became notorious for his many provocations, including the fast that also involved some other people and which received wide coverage by the international press agencies. According to confirmed reports, during this fast the participants received a daily per capita intake of more than 4,000 calories in the form of carbohydrates and proteins.

Biscet's wife, who was very active too in the sinister actions undertaken by her husband, was invited by the illustrious Senator to attend a concert that same day at the San Juan de Letrán church, located at Calle 19 entre I y J, Vedado.

After the concert, she was invited by the Senator to visit an exhibition of posters and paintings set up in one of the rooms at the church. The theme of the exhibition was prisoners of conscience in the world.

As is known, those in Cuba who commit acts against the Revolution, including conspiracy, slander, sabotage, terrorism or treason in the service of the U.S. policies, are considered by the enemies of our country as prisoners of conscience.

The works exhibited were intended to show a retrospective of the postwar political process in Poland, emphasizing the negative role played by the Polish communists, the emergence and development of the Solidarity Union, the role it played in overthrowing socialism in Poland, and the support of the Polish Catholic Church to attain that goal. The Political, Cultural and Press Attaché of the Polish embassy, Mr. Krzysztof Jacek Hinz, had promoted the exhibition. The opening of the exhibition was exclusively attended by various members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Havana, among them, officials from the embassies of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine, all of them former members of the socialist bloc or the USSR. There were also officials from the embassies of the Netherlands, Spain, Western Europe, and others.

The director of the aforementioned "Civic and Religious Training Center", Dagoberto Valdés, traveled from Pinar del Río to share with the other participants.

During the exhibition, the Polish Senator gave Biscet's wife an envelope with an undetermined amount of dollars. Both he and his companions asked her to provide information about counterrevolutionary activities in Cuba; they agreed to have regular contacts at the Polish embassy and, in a kingly manner, informed her that the concert had been organized in her and her husband's honor.

In the evening of that same day, May 7, Senator Romaszewski and his three companions visited the residence of the Polish Embassy attaché to take part in a meeting with a group of counterrevolutionaries, among them, Osvaldo Alfonso Valdés, Nery Gorostiza Campoalegre, Héctor Palacio Ruiz and Gisela Delgado Sablón.

The Polish attaché, hosting the meeting, gave the floor to the Senator. The Senator related his experience as a member of the Solidarity Union and the work done to bring about the collapse of the socialist regime in Poland, despite the fact that they only managed to gather a few opponents and represented a minority.

He said that taking into account the present international situation and what he considered the upsurge of the internal counterrevolution, the Cuban Revolution had, at best, five more years left in power; that this was the reason why Fidel had been inflaming the masses lately. That, he said, could be dangerous because there was a possibility that the people would turn against Fidel or against his opponents.

It is clear that the Polish Senator did not waste a single minute on any "scientific and technical cooperation project". He went on to predict a popular reaction against certain provocations or the strict enforcement of revolutionary laws. It is only logical that this is, in essence, what they are really after in order to encourage the fierce campaigns by the imperialists and their allies against Cuba.

Curiously enough, the members of these groupings showed certain animosity and frustration against the Miami mob. When the Senator asked their perceptions on the role of the exile community, they answered that the exiles hoped to assume a leading role and impose conditions on those who should have more prerogatives in the future on account of their staying in Cuba. They said that the exile leaders sometimes appear "hysterical and out of control" and that "far from winning, they always lose to Fidel."

When asked by the Senator their reaction to the effects of the blockade, the new tactic advocated by some counterrevolutionaries became evident: to oppose the blockade because "it enables to hide the real problems of the country under the socialist regime."

The Polish Senator was also interested in the "repression against dissidents." This brought up some contradictions among the participants. Some said that there had been some relaxation; others affirmed that it was tougher than ever, and that the number of detentions and political prisoners had tripled. Finally, the illustrious and wise Polish Senator stated: the Cuban system is a dictatorship, and the process that is going on in Cuba is similar to what happened in the former socialist European countries. Consequently, he advised the counterrevolutionaries present there to get ready to assume the high responsibility of governing the country. He also affirmed that the Cuban system would necessarily slide towards corruption, the same way it did in his country, where the former leaders who had accumulated the largest amount of money bought everything after the changes.

After the meeting, the Polish visitors received 11 documents from their interlocutors. That was the climax of Polish Senator Zbigniew Romaszewski’s clandestine mission in Cuba.

Zofia Romaszewski and Gabriela Benach Klaanoask left Cuba on May 9. The following day, Senator Zbigniew Romaszewski and Piotr Kielanows left very quietly, so that nobody would know what they had done in Cuba.

During the stay of the Polish conspirators, in the long meetings they had with the Cuban conspirators, not a single word was said about the kidnapping of the Cuban child Elián González, nor about our people’s heroic and exemplary struggle to get the child and his family back to Cuba.

It is outrageous to think that the mysterious delegation arrived in our country 24 hours after the greatest May Day celebration ever, when the whole city poured into Revolution Square, then marched through the streets to the José Martí Anti-Imperialist Forum, across from the United States Interests Section in Havana.

The hallucinating dialogues of the Polish emissaries with the local mercenaries and traitors reveal that they still dream of the destruction of the Cuban Revolution. They have proclaimed that the Revolution will end within a few years. They forget that for more than four decades they have been making similar predictions, that the strongest power on Earth has clashed against the firmness and tenacity of a people that has already written indelible pages in history; a people whose conscience is stronger and which is now more experienced and better organized than ever.

They make ludicrous comparisons between the political process in Cuba and that of Poland, between truth and parody, between heroism and ridicule. They can't possibly conceive of integrity and loyalty to principles; and when speaking about the "big change", the "great democracy" they have installed in Poland, they must admit that there, as well as in the Czech Republic, what really happened was a confiscation of the nation ‘s wealth that was turned into the private property of the opportunists, the traitors and their big pals. The imperialists’ siren songs and the insane aspirations of living in western-style consumer societies, which are unsustainable and incompatible with the destiny of humankind, became a deadly poison for those who were not well enough prepared to defend themselves on political and ideological grounds. All that the imperialists could do against the strong and powerful socialist bloc, they could not do against a small island only 90 miles off their coasts, not even when we were left alone and under a double blockade.

It is an honor for our country to have demonstrated the value of ideas and the invincible force that a just and truly humane society can generate. The enormous battle that our people keep waging today is proof of that.

The behavior of those governments whose only recognized merit in today's world has been that of ranking first among the lackeys of an empire that is ever more decadent as it seemingly becomes much more powerful, can only move us to pity. We will continue to monitor the misdeeds of all their emissaries who may come to Cuba as "promoters of scientific and technical cooperation" or as "dedicated diplomatic officials" whose main task is supposed to be that of cooperating to strengthen friendly ties with our country.

Presently, the State Department or the CIA, whose records of mistakes and horrors are unbeatable, is training them. We have been trained by 41 years of victorious Revolution. The results are there for anyone to see: a more united and deeply patriotic and internationalist people, and a stronger and more invincible Revolution than ever.

Everything they did for so many years in Miami as well as in Cuba to spur counterrevolution after the dirty war, the Bay of Pigs mercenary invasion, the threat of a nuclear strike and the genocidal blockade, has failed. Now we hear nothing but the scattered howls of the last remains of the Cuban-American mob. We see nothing but the anxiety of those who, through different ways and means, provide encouragement from abroad and payment within Cuba to a group of counterrevolutionaries, who live on the profits of that pathetic assignment; those who, now more than ever, are expected to kick up a row and orchestrate provocations in order to prevent their ultimate demoralization and show that they still exist.

It would take Reagan to be born again and create a new Foundation. But times have certainly changed. The world is ever more ungovernable. Deceit and demagogy are no longer useful; they are worn out. The future will be that of truth, of universal rebelliousness, of globalized struggle for justice and survival. Even nuclear weapons are worthless now. The true strategic defense of the peoples rest with the undetectable and indestructible moral missiles.

NATO and its new strategic conceptions are obsolete; most of the wealthy and exploiting powers of the world oppose unilateral hegemonies. The economic and political system that props them up, so often vindicated, despite the crimes committed against peoples for centuries, cannot guarantee world peace and sustainable development; it cannot even ensure protection for their own people against growing unemployment; it cannot ensure economic and social security.

They will go in fear from one crisis into the next. They live from deadline to deadline slaves of blind laws that deny reason and intelligence to the human species. All the weapons and all the traitors together cannot change the destiny of humankind, unless we are resigned to disappear. Cubans believe in humankind, in its intellectual and moral capacity to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. This is the truth that an intelligent, educated, heroic, and politically cultured people has earned the right to proclaim as it marches along the only righteous path, which could never be walked by those who behave like satellites and are still unable to think by themselves. Those will be definitely lost.

The consistency of our behavior as of January 1, 1959 is an absolute guarantee that the present and future generations of Cubans will inherit a future that is worth living, that befits the sacrifices we have made. To the immense majority of the poor and marginalized of the world Cuba is today an example that no force on Earth can wipe away.