Today, March 2, at 1:40 a.m., Jose Imperatori put an end to his hunger strike. He is already on his way back to Cuba on board a Cubana de Aviación Il-62, which departed the Ottawa airport at 1:50 pm.

A short while before the cessation of his brave and risky protest, a reasonable and satisfactory settlement had been reached, with dignity and honor for him, preserving the maximum possibilities that could be attained to travel to the United, if that were necessary and convenient, for taking part in the legal proceedings ensuing the false accusation of espionage against a senior INS official concocted in Miami and which implicated two officials of our Interests Section.

The same possibilities, under identical circumstances, would prevail for former vice consul Luis Molina.

With his contribution to the exposure of the perfidious fabrication concocted to destroy the INS credibility, at grave personal risk and sacrifice, José Imperatori has rendered an invaluable service to the struggle for Elian's liberation.