Statement by Juan Miguel González upon receiving the Carlos Manuel de

Céspedes Order at the Karl Marx Theater on July 5, 2000


I want to say to you that I owe this medal that I now carry on my chest to the whole people of Cuba, to the comrades who have supported me, who have helped me during this long period of time, and especially, to our Commander in Chief.

I do not think that I have done anything extraordinary. Any father who loves his son, any Cuban who feels worthy of our Revolution, of our socialism would have done as I did. I have done nothing significant, really. (Prolonged applause)

I also want to say that this is not over, yet. We have just begun. We have to do away with the unfair blockade against our country, with the Cuban Adjustment Act; we must continue all this.

I will honor this medal, I will carry it with much dignity, and the day I can no longer do so, my children will. You can be sure of that.

Thank you all. (Prolonged applause)