The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba has learned about the arbitrary and aggressive Executive Order issued by the President of the United States against the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, describing this country as a threat to its national security, in reprisal for measures adopted in defense of its sovereignty in the face of acts of interference by US government authorities and congress. 

How does Venezuela present a threat to the United States?  Thousands of kilometers away, with no strategic weapons and without using either resources or officials to conspire against US constitutional order, the declaration lacks credibility and unmasks the purposes of those who are making it. 

Nevertheless, a statement of this sort, made in a year when legislative elections are going to be taking place in Venezuela, reaffirms once again the interfering nature of US foreign policy.

The seriousness of this executive action has placed the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean on the alert: in January of 2014 at the Second CELAC Summit in Havana these governments declared the region as a Peace Zone and repudiated any acts that should endanger it, since they have amassed sufficient experience of imperialist interventionism throughout their history.

The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba reiterates once more its unconditional support and the support of our people for the Bolivarian Revolution, the legitimate government of President Nicolás Maduro Moros and for our brothers and sisters, the heroic people of Venezuela.

No one has the right to meddle in the domestic affairs of a sovereign State or to declare such intentions without any foundations whatsoever, as a threat to its national security.

Just as Cuba has never been alone, neither shall Venezuela.


Havana, March 9, 2015