Declaration by the Commander in Chief


     Bush is obsessed with Cuba.  Yesterday news reached us that a White House spokesperson announced that the president would suggest new initiatives for the transition period already underway.  Another spokesperson from the Department of State later confirmed it, reiterating Bush’s exacting and threatening tone.


     As was affirmed by Ricardo Alarcón, Speaker of our National Assembly, who is very well informed about Bush’s machinations and intentions, the Cuban American mafia firing squads would certainly follow, with carte blanche to eliminate anyone suspected of being a principled member of the Communist Party, the Communist Youth and the mass organizations.


     Mr. Bush:


     Your genocidal blockade, your support of terrorism, your murderous Cuban Adjustment Act, your wet-foot / dry-foot policy, your protection of the worst terrorists in this hemisphere, your unjust punishment of the Five Cuban Heroes who denounced the dangers for citizens of the United States and other countries to be killed in mid-flight, all these must cease.


     Sovereignty is not negotiable.


     The shameful tortures being carried out in the occupied territory of Guantánamo must also cease.


     We have never been intimidated by your threats to launch

pre-emptive and surprise attacks against sixty or more dark corners of the world.  You have already been able to see the results of these actions in only one country: Iraq.


     Do not attack other countries; do not threaten humanity with a nuclear war.  Peoples shall defend themselves, and everyone will burn at that stake.


     Thank you for your attention.


     Fidel Castro Ruz


     October 21, 2007.


     Time:   6:12 a.m.