A reflection on my reflections


            While writing a brief reflection is helpful, in that the hundred and twelve accredited foreign newspapers and press agencies in our country that receive it in advance can publish important parts of its text, long reflections allow me to expound, as extensively as I wish, on concepts I deem important and which provide our people, the main protagonist against any potential aggression, as well as countries facing similar circumstances, the required information to form their own judgment. This dilemma is, for me, a headache.


            I am also concerned about the space they take up on the front pages of our newspapers, dearly needed to report on our nation's day-to-day events.


            Therefore: I shall divide them into brief and long reflections. When brief, they will be previously distributed to the media that usually receive them. When long, they won't be previously distributed and will be published on any inside page of Granma, the official newspaper.


            If other political and grassroots organizations wish to publish the reflections in their respective journals, they may do so, without using up the space of their main sections.


            The Party's Ideological Department and the Executive Director of the Council of State may propose other options.


            When taking on this task, I had no previously elaborated plan, but rather a deeply-felt desire to communicate with our people, the main protagonist of our resistance, as I observe the stupid actions of the empire. Today, as in the days of what came to be known as the fertile prison, I am filled with an immense desire to study and meditate while recovering.



Fidel Castro Ruz.

June 22, 2007

6:02 pm