A word popped up in my mind.  I looked it up in the dictionary and there it was; it’s an onomatopoeic word and its connotation is tragic: bang.  I’ve probably never used it in my life.

     Bush is an apocalyptic person.  I observe his eyes, his face and his obsessive preoccupation with pretending that everything he sees on the “invisible screens” are spontaneous thoughts.  I heard his voice quaver when he answered criticism from his own father about his Iraq policy. He only expresses emotions and constantly feigns rationality.  Of course he is aware of the impact of every phrase and every word on the public he addresses.

     What’s dramatic is that what he expects to happen may cost the American people many lives.

     One can never agree, in any kind of war, with events that take the lives of innocent civilians.  Nobody could justify the attacks of the German Air Force on British cities during World War II, nor the thousands of bombers that systematically destroyed German cities in the decisive moments of the war, nor the two atomic bombs which the United States dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in an act of pure terrorism against old people, women and children.

     Bush expressed his hatred of the poor world when he spoke on June 1, 2002 at West Point, of the pre-emptive attacks on “60 or more dark corners of the world”.

     Whom are they going to convince now that the thousands of nuclear weapons in their possession, the missiles and the precise and exact delivery systems they have developed are just to combat terrorism? Could it be perhaps that the sophisticated submarines being constructed by their British allies, capable of circumnavigating the globe without surfacing and reprogramming their nuclear missiles in mid-flight, will be used for that as well?  I would never have imagined that one day such justifications would be used. Imperialism intends to institutionalize world tyranny with these weapons.  It aims them at other great nations which arise not as military adversaries capable of surpassing their technology with weapons of mass destruction, but as economic powers that would rival the United States whose chaotic and wasteful consumerist economic and social system is absolutely vulnerable.

     What’s worse about the bang upon which Bush is hanging his hopes is the antecedent of his actions during the September 11th events, when, knowing full well that bloody attack on the American people was imminent, and having the capacity to foresee it and even to prevent it, he took off on a vacation with his entire administrative apparatus. 

     From the day of his appointment as President –thanks to the fraud orchestrated by his friends from the Miami mafia, in the manner of a "banana republic" –and prior to his inauguration, W. Bush was informed in detail of the same facts and in the same way as the president of the United States, who directed that he be informed.  At that moment, the tragic events symbolized by the fall of the Twin Towers were still more than 9 months away.

     If something similar were to happen with any kind of explosives or nuclear material, given that enriched uranium flows like water throughout the world since the days of the Cold War, what would be the probable fate of humanity?  I try to remember and analyze many moments of humanity’s march through the millennia, and I wonder:  could my views be subjective?

    Just yesterday Bush was bragging about having won the battle over his adversaries in Congress.  He has a hundred billion dollars, all the money he needs to double, as he wishes, the number of American troops sent to Iraq, and to carry on with the slaughter. The problems in the region are increasingly aggravated.

     Any opinion about the president of the United State's latest feats grows old in a matter of hours.  Is it perhaps that the American people can’t take this little moral fighting bull by the horns?


Fidel Castro Ruz

May 25, 2007.

7:15 p.m.