Reflections by Comrade Fidel




     I was surprised that not one of my friends, those news wire agencies, would publish one single word on Saturday about how highly UNESCO rated education in Cuba which, in spite of the actions of the United States, surpasses the levels attained by the rest of the countries in the region, as if that had nothing to do with respect for human rights.

     They were all insisting in describing the Reflection as a diatribe against Europe. XINJUA, a Chinese wire agency, did not interpret it that way.  It transcribed the statements faithfully.

     I requested INTERNET services to analyze the noun “diatribe”.  Answer: “Violent or abusive discourse or writing directed against a person or thing”.

     I then asked for a definition of “abusive”.  Answer: “Action or language contrary to reason and justice”.

     Has it not been slanderous to repeat millions of times that there are torture and human rights violations in Cuba?  We have never tortured anyone, nor have we taken the life of anyone by extra-judicial methods.

     If Europe is taking diplomatic measures against Cuba claiming to defend those rights, why are those same measures not taken against the United States for Bush’s genocide in Iraq and for the thousands of people arrested without a trial and tortured for years over there and in just about any other part of the world?

     It is odd that a Spanish press agency, no doubt diametrically and openly in opposition to Socialism, would mention that UNESCO has acknowledged the results of the educational system in Cuba, and included, verbatim, my statement:  “No country where human rights are systematically violated can reach such high educational levels.”

     As I am writing this Reflection, at three in the afternoon, I am watching the televised soccer game between Spain and Italy.  The score is zero-zero after one hour of play. The King of Spain is watching the challenge with satisfaction.  It hasn’t finished yet.  They are undoubtedly awesome teams.  You have to admit that.

     I ask that the television be tuned in to see the baseball game between the Cuban Olympic team and a strong U.S. university team.  Last night I watched the match between the Cuban and French Olympic boxing teams. The athletes representing France are excellent, just as the Cuban boxers. Our fans, well trained in sports matters, are impartial, respectful and objective.  There was peace, anthems and hoisted flags, despite efforts by Europeans and Yankees to bribe and buy off Cuban athletes.

     I thank everyone mentioned above for supplying me with the material for this Reflection.

     Perhaps in the next few days I shall dedicate this time to other activities.


Fidel Castro Ruz

June 22, 2008.

4:20 p.m.