While our people on May Day, the workers’ day, joyfully celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution, and the seventieth anniversary of the creation of the CTC, the sister nation of Bolivia, fully dedicated to the preservation of health, education, and ensuring the safety of all its citizens, is only a few days, perhaps hours, ahead of going through tragic events.


When we listen to the hair-raising news coming from all over the world about the shortage and prices of foodstuffs, the prices of energy, the climate change and inflation, these being problems which for the first time have emerged all at once as crucial issues, imperialism is bent on disintegrating Bolivia and submitting it to alienating work and hunger.


Four of the wealthiest departments of that country, headed by the oligarchs of Santa Cruz, hope to declare independence and, with the support of the empire, have arranged their own referendum. Meanwhile, the media have paved the way and shaped up voters’ opinion by creating all sorts of illusions and deceptions.


The Armed Forces, faithful to its historic mission, in a country harassed and deprived from an access to the sea and other vital resources, do not favor Bolivia’s disintegration.  But the perfidiously conceived Yankee plan is to recruit some anti-patriotic sectors within the military to get rid of Evo in the interest of unity. If transnationals manage to take hold of the basic branches of production, this would be a mere formality. The imperialist motto is to punish Evo and get rid of him.


This is the time for denunciation, for speaking the truth.


“Everyone for himself!” seems to be the cry resounding all over the world, out of lack of foresight and proper meditation about the events leading to a profound international crisis.


This will be an acid test for all Latin American governments and peoples.  So it will for all of our doctors and educators who carry out their lofty and peaceful work in that country, no matter what may happen there.  Should they face any risky situation, they will not abandon their patients or students. 



Fidel Castro Ruz

April 30, 2008

9:50 p.m.