Reflections by Comrade Fidel




On the occasion of the changes in the heart of the executive branch, there are some cable agencies that are throwing up their hands in grief.


Several of them are talking about or spreading the "rumors on the street" about how “Fidel’s men” have been replaced by “Raúl’s men”. 


Most of those who have been replaced were never proposed by me.  Almost without exception, they arrived at their positions by being proposed by other comrades in the Party or State leadership.  I never devoted myself to that job.


I have never underestimated human talent, or the vanity of man.


The new ministers who have just been appointed were consulted with me, even though there is no rule saying that the people doing the proposing should do so since I gave up the prerogatives of power a while ago. They acted simply like genuine revolutionaries who bear their loyalty to principles.


No injustice of any kind has been committed with specific cadres.


Neither of the two mentioned in the cables as being the most affected, has spoken a single word in disagreement.  It was absolutely not the absence of personal courage.  There was a different reason.  The sweet nectar of power for which they hadn't experienced any type of sacrifice awoke ambitions in them that led them to play out a disgraceful role.  The enemy outside built up their hopes with them.


I do not accept the mixing up of gossip now with the World Baseball Classic that is about to begin.  I have clearly said that our baseball athletes were first-class youth, and “Homeland or Death” men.


As I have stated before, we shall return with the shield or on the shield.


We shall triumph because we know how to combine something that only free men are able to do, men who belong to no-one, not professional athletes.


Leonel Fernández was telling me yesterday afternoon that the excellent professional baseball players from the Dominican Republic didn’t want to take part in those competitions; they would be absent, causing pain to the nation where they were born.


Chávez is still unaware why his magnificent pitchers and batters will be beaten by our athletes.


This year, the Cuban team which will gauge its strength by the best U.S. and Japanese Major League professionals is much stronger and better trained than it was three years ago.


Many of them are already veterans despite their youth.  None of the men on the team stayed home, unless it was for health reasons.


I assume total responsibility for success or defeat.  The victories belong to us all; defeat shall never be an orphan.


Homeland or Death!  We shall overcome!


Fidel Castro Ruz

March 3, 2009

11:32 a.m.