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After publishing the two Reflections about Daniel Estulin’s book entitled “The True Story of the Bilderberg Club”, the author sent a message requesting an interview with me.  Before our meeting, I wanted to read an important chapter from his new book that is about to be published and must be translated from English. 

 Yesterday I got the book already translated in Cuba.  Its contents are spectacular and it deserves to be analyzed in its essential aspects.  By choosing some paragraphs from that material, I am offering an idea about the contents of the chapter which provides important facts that signify a challenge for the technicians. 

The author begins by stating:

 “This is the strangest chapter you will ever find in a book. This book or any other book written […].The last pieces of the puzzle to be put in place, to help you see the picture of the world we live in. […]it is not so easy to make you believe it for purely psychological reasons. It might partly be due to our own slavish mentality so thoughtfully cultivated in us by inhumane propaganda that heavily targeted humanity since the XIX century.”

“…little conspiratorial cliques go back to Cuba, Laos, Afghanistan and Nicaragua, have been involved for decades in everything from drug and gun-running, to assassinations, covert warfare, and outright terrorism.”

People like George H.W. Bush, former CIA director William Casey; […] former Iran-Contra point man Oliver North, Mossad´s second in command Mike Harari represent one of the more visible of this lexicon of covert operators …”

This chapter deals with weapons of mass destruction. Atomic weapons, nuclear weapons, mini-nukes.”

“In this chapter, we will analyze the Oklahoma City bombing blamed on America’s extreme right wing, Bali blamed on Islamic terrorists, assassination of Rafiq Hariri blamed on Syria and Barajas T4 blamed on ETA.”

According to official information, at 9.02 AM (CST), April 19, 1995, the Ryder truck, containing about 2,300 kg of fertilizer and nitromethane mixture, detonated in front of the north side of the nine-story Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. The blast destroyed a third of the building and created a 9-m wide, 2.4-m deep crater on NW 5th Street next to the building. The blast destroyed or damaged 324 (!) buildings in a sixteen-block radius, destroyed or burned 86 cars around the site, and shattered glass in 258 nearby buildings. The destruction of the buildings left several hundred people homeless and shut down multiple offices in downtown Oklahoma City. At least 168 people were killed and another 853 injured; majority of the injuries were burns. The effects of the blast could be heard and felt up to eighty-nine kilometers away.”

            “Even though the official version has been confirmed by the United States government and most corporate media, it won´t be particularly difficult to disprove the “official” version with a saner version of the events:

“1. Car bombs do not leave craters; craters could only be left by a charge buried in the ground. Even if you place a nuclear bomb on a truck and detonate it – even in this case it won’t leave a crater.

“2. Conventional explosives do not burn cars around the explosion…”


“4. Conventional explosions do not cause burns to their victims – it is a typical feature of nuclear explosions – because those burns are caused only by thermal radiation.

“5. Conventional explosives do not cause any EMP that could burnout circuit boards in computers around. The described effects could only be caused by one “phenomena”: an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).”

“6. […]The amount of damage was typical to at least 10 pieces of 10-ton modern aviation bombs, or to a “mini-nuke” set to explode at the corresponding yield – i.e. at 0.1 kiloton.”

“9 … a 3.52 on Richter scale is typical for a 0.1 kt “mini-nuke” – which is an equivalent of 100 metric tons of TNT.”

“10.    2,300 kg of fertilizer (an equivalent of 1.8 tons of TNT), even if buried, would never be able to create 3.0 seismic signal (and when packed on a truck such a charge won’t produce any seismic signal whatsoever).”

“A certain, Mr. Timothy McVeigh confessed to the crime. He was tried, convicted, sentenced to death and executed by lethal injection on June 11, 2001. The attack, was the worst act of terrorism on US soil until 9-11. But, it gave the U.S. government the excuse it needed and the pretext necessary for new emergency measures - the Counter-Terrorism Bill, which a few short months later, on the heels of September 11 would morph into Homeland Security, depriving US citizens of most of their constitutional rights.”

From Bali to Oklahoma City, from Kosovo to Moscow, from Afghanistan to the Wall Street these events give the reader a glimpse of how the Shadow Government operates utilising drug dealers, criminals, and terrorists to do its bidding.”

The point man for these operations was a long time CIA operative, Theodore G. Shackley who worked in close partnership with Mafia figures John Roselli, Sam Giancana, and Santos Trafficante.”

In 1975, Shackley became Associate Director in the Directorate of Operations, which put him in charge of Covert-Operations, Counter-Intelligence, and ironically, Counter-Narcotics, all under the command of George Herbert Walker Bush.”

It was against this backdrop that Shackley served as a “consultant” to players such as Bush father, Oliver North, and CIA director William Casey in their illegal and bloody guns-for-drugs network that resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and the flooding of our streets with tons of drugs.

From the Bay of Pigs to Iran-Contra to Oklahoma City, to an outrageous nuclear bombing of Kurds in Kirkuk, Northern Iraq, to a nuclear bombing of a famous Khillani Shi’a mosque in Baghdad, and unprecedented quadruple nuclear bombing of Yazidi Satanic sect near Mosul in Iraq which set a new record in human casualties – over 550 dead and several thousands injured.”

While Timothy McVeigh was still in the Army, he wrote his sister a letter telling her that he had been picked for a Special Forces (Green Beret) Covert Tactical Unit (CTU) that was involved in illegal activities.”

It is highly likely that he was told he was on an important mission to infiltrate a terrorist organisation and prevent a bombing. It is a story a young, impressionable man like McVeigh would fall for.”

Either way, the fact that there appeared to be two “Timothy McVeighs,” just as there were two Oswalds, would suggest a sophisticated intelligence operation, one that was designed to put McVeigh in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like Oswald, McVeigh probably believed himself to be a government agent, part of a secret project.”

“…was trapped, framed, made a patsy and finally killed. Case closed. Evidence removed. Still, the questions remain.”

October 12, 2002 Bali nightclub nuclear bombing.

“Official version of the Bali bombing states that one metric ton of conventional explosives packed in a jeep-like vehicle exploded in the immediate vicinity of the Sari Night Club – causing immediate deaths of 187 people and fatal injuries to many others, huge fireballs, allegedly from cooking gas cylinders, demolition of buildings around the blast spot and huge fires spreading around.”

“One of the first pieces of information about Bali bombing came from Fox News,  Indonesian Nightclub Bombing, Called an 'Act of terror: “The explosion went off about 11 p.m .[…] The place was packed, and it went up within a millisecond.”

 “The word “millisecond” represents one of the most unforgivable slips of the tongue. Just like “ground zero”, this word is reserved for nuclear explosions. So, one would never, under any circumstances, use this strange word while referring to an explosion, unless we were dealing with a nuclear bomb.”

The problem is that a conventional explosion, however big, does not produce any heat or any flames.”

“In the words of another tourist: ´I felt my hotel shake violently and ran to look out of the window. In the distance I could see a large white mushroom cloud, and knew I wasn’t looking at an ordinary attack´.

I think everybody knows what the “mushroom” form of a cloud means in reality.

“Furthermore, ordinary explosions do not cause fires to adjacent buildings. It is nuclear explosions that cause fires to adjacent buildings – due to their intense thermal radiation instantly emanating from the fireballs..”

Indonesian police put the final death toll at unbelievably high 202  victims. You would never be able to instantly kill a couple of hundreds people plus injuring hundreds if not thousands of others with a 1000 kg of the conventional explosives packed into a jeep.”

“Did the government of Indonesia know that what went off in Bali was a nuclear bomb? Of course they did. For example, Deputy House Speaker A.M. Fatwa, referring to an alleged terrorist who allegedly planted the bomb, stated, “My conscience says that he is not a key actor. I don’t believe that Amrozi (the alleged terrorist) has the capability to make all kinds of the preparations for the bombings, like setting off a kind of micro nuclear bomb in Bali.[1]” So, the Deputy House Speaker of a country with a population of over 200 million people knew that it was a “mini-nuke”. Did the then President of Indonesia – Megawati Sukarnoputri know? And if she did, why didn’t she say anything?”

 “There is a “confidential” version, of course known to the Indonesian government, US government officials and the Israeli Mossad – which says that it was a “mini-nuke” that went of at about 0.01 to 0.015 kiloton in the TNT yield and that “mini-nuke” belonged to “Al-Qaeda.”

“In the previous chapter, I have definitively proven that Al Qaeda would have an easier time cobbling together a wooden spaceship and landing on the Moon than having access to a mini nuke. I have also shown that four nation have the technical capabilities to make a mini nuke – USA, Russia, France and Israel. Confidential Indonesian sources confirmed to Russian nuclear intelligence that the bomb belonged to the Israeli Mossad.”

“Photographic evidence proving the use of an unconventional weapon was edited out almost immediately by the major media, though not from the amateur video camera which provided the picture at top centre above. […]  The very presence of the crater itself proves the weapon was detonated sub-surface, while the crater’s depth in combination with its diameter, prove the depth at which the weapon was initially placed.”

“Beginning with the end: It was a major nuclear bombing that had nothing to do with any “mini-nukes”. Still, it was officially blamed on a “car-bomb” as has become a tradition […]“confidentially” blamed on an alleged “mini-nuke” for various “patricians”.”

 On December 30, 2006, the terrorist group ETA placed a bomb in a van carrying between 200 to 500 kg of explosives, according to Fuerzas de Seguridad del Estado (State Security Forces).  Based on investigation sources, EFE news agency reports that, according to preliminary police estimates, ETA could have used around 500 kg of explosives to carry out the attack. 

The aforementioned sources have added that said estimates (200-500 kg) were based on the visible effects of the explosion and the expertise of the specialists who defused the artifact.

The bomb van, a ‘Renault Traffic’, exploded on the very same day it was parked, -Saturday, December 30, 2006, at 9:01- at Parking Lot D of Terminal 4 of the Barajas Airport in Madrid.  The explosion caused a huge plume of smoke and the collapse of five stories of Module D of T4 Parking Lot. 

 As a result of the attack, 60% of module D collapsed and three out of the six modules of T4 parking lot, where the ETA members had parked the deep-red Renault Traffic, were also affected.  Firefighters are confident that the fire will be put out on its own.  

Regarding the vehicle used, the Police have opened an investigation based on the assumption that the van had been stolen three to four days before from somewhere in the Basque country.  Summing up, EL MUNDO reports, the van could have been registered in the town of Ordizia, in Guipuzcoa, although it was stolen in France. 

“Does anyone in their right mind believe that you could demolish such a huge part of steel-reinforced concrete structure by using mere 200 kg of conventional explosives, placed in one single spot? […]. The maximum damage such a 200 kg conventional explosion could cause – it could crash some of the concrete in the immediate vicinity of the explosion – on floors (one floor above, and one floor – beneath, and no more than that),  as well as on several surrounding pillars.”

“…the actual structure was made not of just concrete, but of steel-reinforced concrete. A radius of such damaged area will be very limited – 20-30 meters, at most. Again, there is zero chance to collapse a huge steel-reinforced structure by a 200 kg of explosives placed in a single spot.”

“. The maximum you could succeed in this case (if you are a professional demolition expert and you know where to position your car bomb exactly) – you might completely undercut one pillar. However, you will not be able to undercut two pillars at once with a single car bomb. Now, look at the above picture again and think – how many steel-reinforced concrete pillars you might need to undercut in order to collapse the entire structure that is now absent in the middle?”

“…any single conventional explosion did not demolish the building. Some other explosion demolished it. Logically, it should be presumed that it was demolished by a “mini-nuke” – that would be a typical patrician truth of the event. But, unfortunately, you can not demolish such a huge steel-reinforced building with so many pillars and so much empty space between its floors even by a “mini-nuke”. Even in case if you set your “mini-nuke” at its maximum available yield – 1 kiloton – it would still not be enough to completely demolish such a huge, strong, and almost empty structure.”

“Not one vehicle had signs of being burned as in a Bali explosion. […]  smash the remaining cars around by its tremendous air-blast wave. But none of these expected effects were reported after the “car-bombing” in the Barajas Airport. So, we can safely dismiss a “mini-nuke did the job” theory”

“Also there is some truly strange effect present here – if you try to draw an imaginary line from up to down indicating an exact border of destruction, such a line would not be vertical. It would be a line inclined at about 45° angle. Why a destruction wave that caused these damages would propagate under such an angle?”

  I guess you got my point. It seems that here it was exactly a case. It seemed to be a huge deep underground nuclear explosion in the middle of the car-parking building that did the job.”

Furthermore, it is truly mind blowing that Fuerzas de Seguridad del Estado (State Security Forces)  can be off in their estimates of the size of the explosion by 150%.  The fact that the  estimate   (200-500 kg) is based on the visible effects of the explosion and the technicians´expertise in defusing the artefact, makes me think on two things:  1) These are the most inept agents on the face of the Earth, comparable, at best to the famous Inspector Cluzeau. 2) These agents immediately ascertained that the explosion was a nuclear bomb and tried to hide the evidence from the general population.”

“I have no doubt that the two ETA terrorists indeed had parked their Renault Traffic in Parking D of the Terminal 4. When they admitted their guilt in court, I am sure they thought that their actions had caused the chaos. However, the real damage, nuclear damage came from a nuclear bomb buried deeply inside the terminal. Who knew and who did it? I don’t know. But, I think I have proven who didn’t do it.

Conclusion regarding “mini-nuclear” bombings, alias “car-bombings” and “track-bombings’:

  “1) There are “mini-nukes”.

  “2) These “mini-nukes” are “confidentially” blamed to belong to various terrorist organizations, almost invariably – to the so-called “Muslim” organizations.

  “3) These “terrorist organizations” do not hesitate to use these “mini-nukes” against various targets, mostly civilian.

  “4) These “mini-nukes” produce unusually powerful blasts – equivalent to unreasonable amounts of TNT or other conventional explosives that could scarcely fit even into the biggest truck, not to say about a passenger car.”

Estulin continues reasoning his points of view in paragraphs  5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, some of them of some extend. I will not mentioned them due to brevity as they are not indispensable to understad his thesis.   

Once more, he states in paragraph 11, page 64:  

“11) These “mini-nukes” could only be manufactured by a maximum of four of the most developed countries – USA, Russia, France and Israel.

“12) The “Secret Team” performs almost all of these modern “mini-nuclear” bombings, with probably only a couple of exceptions. This “Secret Team” be they American, Israeli, French or Russian have absolutely nothing to do with Islam.

“13) In all modern “mini-nuclear” bombings, with the exception of a couple of cases, use the latest 3rd generation “mini-nukes”, which are small enough to be secretly hidden into sewage.

“14) While “mini-nukes” could obviously destroy a huge area build over by ordinary structures, they can not completely topple a modern heavily reinforced building even if they explode in its immediate vicinity – as it was demonstrated in the 1995 Oklahoma case, as well as in the case of 1996 Khobar Towers bombing.”

With these words Estulin basically concludes the chapter translated from the English of his latest book.



Fidel Castro Ruz

August 24, 2010

7:06 p.m.