Reflections by Comrade Fidel


Improbable News


As I was finishing some Reflections about the dismissal of the Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba, improbable news started to arrive from Ecuador.  Iíve spent hours listening to them.  The minutes go by and commotion grows.

At 5:12 pm Cuban time, condemnations of the coup multiply.  The Latin American leaders with the most prestige such as Chavez and Evo make their energetic denunciations heard.  The OAS in meeting has no alternatives.  The members are indignant and even Chinchilla protests; even the new president of Colombia supports Correa.

President Rafael Correa is firm and unyielding.  The people are much more organized.  In my opinion the coup is already lost.

Even Obama and Mrs. Clinton will have no other alternative than to condemn it.



Fidel Castro Ruz

Septiember 30, 2010

5:38 p.m