Throughout his evolution, Homo sapiens as the only thinking being among millions of living species never had any idea about nature and the reason for his existence.  Endowed with the ability to think, he was governed by harsh instincts.  He knew nothing about the rest of his marvelous planet.  We don’t even know at what moment he possesses that capability; in rare cases it is stated that it was a million years ago, or a bit more, but in general it is considered to be no more than 200,000 years.

Today we know that the number of planets appearing to be similar to ours comes to billions, in the same galaxy where our planet is found, within what we call the universe.  I hope I am not offending anybody by dealing with the subject of what we are or what we think we are.

Two days ago on October 5th, the website of the TV channel “Russia Today”, a serious source of information, printed that the prestigious professor at the University of North Carolina, Laura Mersini-Houghton, has shown that the super-huge black holes do not exist and that the Big bang Theory is unfounded.  This, I believe, implies trauma for many who had turned that theory into an act of faith.  

The supreme authority on this topic would be the British scientist Stephen Hawking, an exceptionally gifted man who is devoted to science in spite of a cruel condition that has forced him to make great sacrifices in order to communicate with others, dating back to when he was quite young.  Scientists who know the most about these subjects communicate with each other and even publish their results using technical terminology that is difficult to understand by those of us who have not had the privilege of becoming familiar with that branch of science.

With the publication of “A Brief History of Time”, Stephen Hawking became the author of a book about the important subject; it has sold upwards of 10 million copies.  Certainly, besides its intrinsic interest, most of the people buying the book were mainly members of the scientific community dedicated to the study of these transcendental topics, numbering by now several million eminent researchers. I shall do all I can to read and understand that book when my current task related to the production of food in sufficient amounts and quality is a priority, something in which efforts can be translated into a significant benefit.

There are many things that we don’t know and there is very little that we know about our own ignorance.

I have read Hawking’s second book, “The Universe in a Nutshell”, written in a language that is more understandable to laypersons in the subject, as he says, and I underlined many of the ideas that interested me the most. 

Never in his evolution has the human genus ever had, nor has he been able to have, a clear idea about his own existence because this did not exist; it simply evolved at the same speed as everything that exists.  It is not a reality that rises up against anyone nor should it offend anybody.

Every day we can learn something new. To help others and to help ourselves as much as possible. 

Yesterday I was listening to statements made by the new NATO Secretary General, the former Prime Minister of Norway, who took on his job just six days ago on October first.  What hatred there was in his expression! What an incredible endeavor to promote a war of extermination against the Russian Federation! Who ends up being more extremist than the very fanatics of the Islamic State?  What is their religion? After all that, can one possibly enjoy eternal life at the right-hand of the Lord?


Fidel Castro Ruz

October 7, 2014

9:30 p.m.